Membership & Registration Rules

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1. Introduction

a. Mission Statement

2. Membership Information

a. Membership Classification
b. Membership Fees
c. Member Disciplinary Actions

3. Registration Information

a. . Registration Fees
b. General Requirements
c. Draft Horse Definition
d. Qualify Color
e. Color Patterns
f. Photograph Requirements
g. Stud Book Classifications
h. Elite Stud Book
i. Heritage Stud Book
j. Standard Stud Book
k. Inspection Requirements
l. DNA Requirements
m. Joint Ownership
n. Transfers of Ownership

4. Additional Information

a. Leased Horses


(a) Mission Statement

The Spotted Draft Horse Society, Inc. has been established to record, promote and define Spotted Draft Horses in our society.  The Spotted Draft Horse is a draft type horse with pinto/paint markings and we have established stud books to preserve breeding programs already in place.

  • To collect, record and preserve the pedigrees of Spotted Draft Horses
  • Create and maintain programs that increase the value of Spotted Draft Horses
  • Enhance members experience with the Spotted Draft Horses
  • Promote Spotted Draft horses as  Draft type horses with Pinto and preserve their history
  • Increase Public awareness of the Spotted Draft Horse as a Draft type horse with Pinto markings

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Membership Information

(a)Member Classifications

The Spotted Draft Horse Society, Inc. has two options for membership.

  • Individual
  • Junior (18 or younger as of 12-31)
  • Memberships run annually from January through December
  • You can join at any time during the year.  Membership fees received after   11-1 are considered members for the following calendar year.
  • Juniors cannot vote

(b)Membership fees

  • Individual membership fees are $30.00
  • Junior membership fees are $15.00

(c)Member Disciplinary Actions

The Spotted Draft Horse Society, Inc. reserves the right to revoke membership rights under the following circumstances.

  • Members have been proved of unethical behavior
  • Members have violated the rules and regulations of the SDHS.

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Registration Information

(a)Registration Fees

Registration fees are $30.00 per horse.  Horses can be registered at any point and at any age.  There is no requirement to register foals or to have the breeder register the horse.

(b)General Requirements

Horses are eligible for registration if the following requirements are met.

  • The owner of the horse at the time of registration is a current member of the Spotted Draft Horse Society, Inc.
  • The horse is eligible for one of the stud books listed below
  • The horse has draft breeding
  • There are no restriction on use of fresh or frozen semen and embryo transfer

(c)Draft Horse Definition

The following breeds are accepted as Draft Type horses

  • American Crème
  • Belgian
  • Clydesdale
  • Drum Horses (no more than 50% Gypsy Blood)
  • Percheron
  • Shire
  • Suffolk Punch
  • *Other Draft Breeds

*Other types/breeds of draft horses are considered and encouraged to apply that might not have American Registries however they must be registered with a recognized breed association and meet the requirements of a heavy horse.

(d)Qualifying Color

A horse meeting any of the stud book requirements that is also classified as colored must meet the following requirements:

  • Color is classified as unpigmented skin with  solid white hair on the horses body
  • The horse’s body does not include legs below knee or hock joint and areas on horses face unless they are beyond areas described below.
  • Color is beyond the base of ear, outside corner of eye, outside  corner of mouth, above the knee or hock
  • Must have at least one 4” area of white as a natural marking
  • The SDHS reserves the right to ask for additional information to verify amount of white on horse’s body.

The following are not examples of qualifying color

  • Blue eyes
  • Two color mane or tail with one color being white
  • White Lips, vulva, shaft of penis or sheath

(e)Color Patterns

The Spotted Draft Horse Society, Inc. accepts all pinto color patterns.  The horses color is determined by the non-white coat color.  A description of color patterns are listed below


  • Generally all 4 legs are white at least below the hocks or knees
  • The head markings usually resemble that of a non pinto horse
  • Maybe be either predominately dark or white
  • The tail is often two colors.


  • The white usually doesn’t cross the back of the horse between the withers and its tail
  • The markings are usually irregular and scattered or splashy
  • Head marking are distinctive often bald faced
  • Maybe either predominately dark or white
  • The tail is usually one color
  • There are different types of overos including frame, splash and sabino


  • A combination of both color patterns
  • Often a tovero will have tobiano markings on the body and overo head markings

(f)Photograph requirements

Please submit 4 color photos of your horse for registration.  There should be a photo of each side, front and rear of horse.  If your horse does not have a visible body spot please provide extra information and photos to document the color, ie, belly spot. These photos are the property of the Spotted Draft Horse Society, Inc and will be kept permanently on file.

(g)Stud Books

The stud books kept by the Spotted Draft Horse Society, Inc. are set up to accommodate Spotted Draft Horses of all types, patterns and colors.  There are three stud books available for registration.  To be classified as having color there must be a minimum of 4” of qualifying color.  Horses registered in any stud book regardless of qualifying color are eligible to participate in any program the SDHS offers proving the owner is a current member.

(h)Elite Stud Book

The horses registered in the Elite category are considered pure draft and have 3 generation of documented draft breeding or are currently registered Premium NASDHA or as a Drum horse with no more than 50% gypsy breeding.  Horses in this stud book are a minimum of 87.5% draft by definition of a draft type horse.  Requirements for registration in this stud book are as follows:

  • Must have Pinto markings, no solid colored horses allowed in this stud book.
  • Pinto markings are a minimum of 4” of qualifying color
  • Can be a stallion, mare or gelding
  • Must be a minimum of 15 hands at mature height
  • No Appaloosa markings
  • Must be 87.5% or more Draft Breeding

(i)Heritage Stud Book

Horses registered in this stud book are a minimum of 50% Elite stud book breeding and this stud book has been created to celebrate the Spotted Draft heritage.  The following requirements must be me to qualify for this stud book.

  • Must have one parent that is registered SDHS Elite
  • Other parent can be of unknown breeding but must be 15 hands or taller
  • No appaloosa markings
  • Can have pinto markings or be solid colored
  • Can be a stallion, mare or gelding
  • Must be a minimum of 15 hands at mature height.
  • Horses that do not qualify for the Elite Stud book due to color requirements will qualify here

(j)Standard Stud Book

Horses registered in the stud book are a minimum of 25% draft breeding that have known parentage or have obvious draft characterics if unknown breeding.  The following requirements are required for this stud book:

  • All parentage can be unknown but must have obvious draft breeding.
  • Must be 25% or more draft breeding with known parentage
  • No appaloosa markings
  • Can have pinto markings or be solid colored
  • Can be a stallion, mare or gelding
  • Must be a minimum of 14 hands at mature height.

(k)Inspection Requirements

Currently there are no inspection requirements to register your horse however you may be asked to provide more information to verify the horses draft characteristics.

(l)DNA Requirements

Currently there are no DNA requirements to register your horse.  This provision will be slowly phased out and DNA testing will be required for Elite and Heritage stud book registration. The time line for this provision is being established and is expected to commence in 2015 and be phased in over a period of time.

(m)Joint Ownership

Both owners of a horse must be members of the SDHS to have the horse listed with joint ownership.  Either or both owners can participate with the horse in any of the SDHS programs.

(n)Transfers of Ownership

A new owner wishing to have the registration papers from the SDHS be transferred to their name will be able to do so by completing the following

  • The registration papers must be signed by the owner of record with the SDHS
  • The new owner(s) must be a member of the SDHS
  • Pay a transfer fee of $15.00

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Additional Information

(a)Leased Horses

A leased horse can be used for SDHS programs providing the following conditions are met

  • Both the lessee & lessor are current members of SDHS.
  • A lease agreement containing the beginning and ending dates of the lease are on file with SDHS.
  •  If the lease is terminated early the SDHS must be notified in writing.

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